<div style="text-align:justify">RSVI is a charitable organization professionally managed by a team of committed social workers having experience of more than 30 years and technical expertise in the field of education, training, research, employment, networking, advocacy and consultancy services pertaining to the social, psychological and economic rehabilitation of the visually impaired. It aims at achieving perfection to the satisfaction of both the beneficiary and the benefactor.</div>


Our Vision is Let the Blind to hold the torch. The Mission of RSVI is, undoubtedly, to empower the blind in such a manner that after becoming educationally, socially, economically and psychologically rehabilitated, he/she should be capable enough to extend helping hands to even the non disabled persons. RSVI aims at putting an end to the problem of availability of reading material in accessible format with quality and perfection. Becoming independent is not what RSVI strives for, its ultimate goal is to empower the visually challenged in such a manner that after becoming independent he/she embarks upon a tedious journey of making others independent.

What We Do

We build a common platform for uncommon people. We provide educational facilities, emotional strength, psychological counseling, all that is needed for a person suffering from disability to be a respectable member of the society.

Who We Are

Beautiful tree loaded with fruits of cheerful smiles on Blind man&rsquo;s face through the seeds of &ldquo;Let the Blind to Hold the Torch&rdquo;.


We at RSVI (Rehabilitation Society of The Visually Impaired) have joined hands together to help you if for any reason or by birth you are affected from one or the other problem of eye sight. You may have lost your eye sight completely or in the process of losing the same, you can always count on us for all kinds of problems that you face due to the partial or total loss of eye sight. Infact, we also extend our services to people with other types of physical and mental disabilities, including hearing impairment, dyslexia, muscular dystrophy or even people suffering from more than one disability. Our services are designed to serve persons of all ages and sexes. We also help parents and siblings of persons with disabilities and teach them how to overcome the mental trauma they undergo because of having a person with disability in their family. Our efforts are directed towards creating an inclusive and barrier free environment; we build a common platform for uncommon people.

Activities at a Glance


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